Cochranites will be able to rent e-bikes throughout Cochrane starting today.

"We're thrilled that the positive response we see from our riders in Cochrane," says CCO of Roll Technologies, Arda Ertürk. "The launch of our e-bikes is an important step towards achieving our mission of building the future of shared transportation".

The bikes will work in a similar manner as the electric scooters that are in their second year of service. Users will be able to rent them using an app and park them anywhere in the service area.

"The e-bikes are electrically assisted, so you will still need to pedal it but once you pedal you will kick on the electric power. It can go for 150 kilometres on a full charge."

In addition to the launch of bikes, Roll has expanded their service areas for more parts of Cochrane. The new areas include Sunset Ridge, Bow Ridge, Jumping Pound Ridge, Bow Meadows, and Cochrane Heights. 

"For the scooters, we will create a separate service zone for Sunset because it's not safe given the steepness that is there. You will be able to use our scooters within Sunset Ridge."

"For bikes, we will allow people to connect from Sunset Ridge to downtown or other places in Cochrane".

Designated parking areas will also be available throughout the downtown area.

A launch party for the e-bikes was set for today but postponed to a later date due to weather.