(BMB) is an e-Commerce website which enables local residents, who are unable to travel to local stores, to purchase essential items.

It is a simple, safe, and secure way to purchase and receive the products you need from the local businesses you trust. 

All transactions are handled securely within the BMB site.

Delivery to your door, within town limits, is included for most items, but curb-side pickup or even out-of-town delivery may be available (usually for a nominal additional fee), depending on the vendor.

Paul McDonald, General Manager of CochraneNow says shopping locally has changed a lot over the last few weeks and people still want local products even though they can't physically go into a lot of local stores and businesses. 

"Now they have the opportunity to enlist their business and a few of their products and services on Bringmebasics and now it's out there for the community to go online order it, and the rest kind of takes care of itself, it's really cool."

McDonald says businesses can choose ten of their most popular items to put on the website. 

"We've allowed like ten items and bundles or services that you can put on there, we might expand on that in the coming days but for starters, we just want to make it nice and easy for the local business to sign up and register. So you go on there you put up to ten products and now the community on the other side of that Cochranites, locals they can go onto the website and see those ten products."

He says there's a wide array of options on the site already and it's continuing to grow. 

"So there's a variety of different services on there, you've got some fun things and crafts and stuff for the kids that are stuck at home now more than ever, there is food on there I know Dad's Sausage has some of their food on there, there's Cobbs Bread. There's even legal advice I saw Mountain Vista Law has some of their services if you're looking to enlist from some of those things."

McDonald says this is open to all Cochrane and area businesses, not just those who advertise with the radio station. 

For more information or to shop on BMB click here.