Albertans will see a rebate for electricity on electric bills starting in July.  

An estimated two million Albertans will receive rebates on their electricity bills to help with the rising costs.  

In July, August, and September homes, farms and small businesses will receive a total of $150 in $50 increments over the next three months.  

The $300 million rebate program is meant to alleviate the high cost of electricity and natural gas. The province will also extend the fuel tax exemption at the pumps. Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity says, “We are providing targeted support to help hard-working Albertans deal with the rising cost of living. These rebates, combined with the fuel tax exemption and upcoming natural gas rebate, will help the large majority of Alberta households pay their bills while we make the long-term changes needed to make energy more affordable in the years ahead.” 

Phase two of the program will implement a natural gas rebate for eligible Albertans starting in October to fight price spikes in that utility.