As of Wednesday, November 18, Cochrane is showing 24 active cases and Rocky View County is recording 97. 

Dr. Deena Hinshaw provided the provincial update with the numbers a follows:

  • There were 730 new cases in the past 24 hours with over 13,000 tests performed with a positivity rate of 5.5%
  • There are 287 people in hospital with 57 in ICU 
  • Eleven more deaths were reported over the past 24 hours
  • One quarter of Alberta's 443 deaths have been reported since November 1st
  • There are 320 outbreaks in schools across the province with 64 on watches
  • One third of the people who are sick are due to unknown sources

Dr. Hinshaw's usually calm demeanor was showing the stress today when she said, "This is deadly serious. I have asked for kindness but I also ask for firmness. The need to control our spread and protect our health system is why I ask everyone anywhere in the province to abide by all public health measures. 

Alberta's top doctor says that 1/4 of Alberta's 443 deaths have been reported since November 1st and if we don't change our trajectory the implications are grim. 

Hinshaw also voiced her disappointment in the actions of those who are disregarding the added restrictions. "The measures are focused on settings where there is the highest risk of one case spreading to many if there is a slip in public health measures. I am disappointed at reports of organizations and businesses that are trying to find loopholes in the order and are continuing activities. I have seen examples of fitness studios running group classes with a video rather than an instructor. Some team sport practices have continued by moving to a neighbouring community’s rink and some teams continue to socialize together simply because they’re in a cohort as a team."