RCMP, Fire, and EMS are on the scene of an accident at the bottom of the Big Hill, Highway 1A. 

A truck has stuck and broken through concrete construction barricades and is currently stopped.

Cochrane's Annalisa Robertson was on the scene at the moment of the collision.

"I was on my way out for a walk and I hear this excessive honking, like nonstop."

"I turn around and then I hear a crash and a plume of smoke comes up. I see the truck completely on its side smashed to the barricade with the guy screaming."

Robertson and others on the scene were quick to jump into action.

crash Photo courtesy Annalisa Robertson

"A bunch of us ran out and he said he couldn't get out.  I took part of the seat that was broken through the window and then we helped drag them out."

"Luckily, there was a cop, off-duty, on a motorcycle, and there was an off-duty fireman who was in the car at the right moment. They got out, they helped him and supported his neck."

Residents are asked to stay clear of the area and traffic delays are expected throughout the afternoon.

crashPhoto courtesy Annalisa Robertson

RCMP say the driver was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The RCMP Collision Reconstructionist will be attending the scene to investigate.