Our community generously supports the Poppy Campaign of the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion in many ways.

For the third year, that tradition of giving has included a bottle drive orchestrated by a team of volunteers that is widely supported by the community. On Nov. 17, $702.75 was donated from the week-long drive.

"It's always amazing that the community comes forward and supports this great cause," says Paul Singh, one of the volunteers. "Anything to support our veterans and people in the line of duty, we are there to help them."

"I thank all the volunteers and people who donated and people who collected all the bottles in this cold weather. We really appreciate them."

"This is a tremendous contribution to the Poppy Fund," says Legion treasurer Betty Mazurik. "We cannot do this without our community, our volunteers like Paul, our canvassers, our businesses, and the locals. It is amazing how they support the Poppy Fund and our veterans here in Cochrane."

A final amount hasn't been calculated from this year's Poppy Campaign, but Mazurik says each year the community makes the Legion proud.

"It's always an amazing number because I've been counting it. I can't tell you the final yet because money is still coming in, but as with every year we say thank you, it's been great."

In Cochrane, it's rare to see someone without a poppy on their lapel.

"For canvassing, probably 90 per cent of all businesses take a Poppy Box," says Mazurik. "When you come to Remembrance Day and just walk around the town, so many people are wearing a poppy, and we could not be prouder of this town."