The Empty Bowls fundraiser in support of the Cochrane Activettes Food Bank is returning on August 6th.

The fundraiser takes spare clay that would otherwise go to waste and turns them into beautiful pieces of art says member of the Cochrane Activettes Kathy Tucker.

"Empty Bowls is a program that Nicole [Snider] at Saffron Studios started a few years ago to help raise funds for the Food Bank in Cochrane. What she does is she takes the leftover ends from any clay pottery items that people make throughout the year; she saves these ends and then she has a pottery making day where they make these smaller delicate bowls that are very nice, and she fires them in the kiln and makes them look beautiful, and then she sells them. Any money that is raised from selling the bowls goes to the food bank."

No two bowls are the same, creating unique art pieces that no one else will have.

"None are the same and it's just become sort of an event that people look forward to and it's something that we feel that is useful for people and they can give it away if they wanted to at Christmas time. It's a really great way to raise funds," says Tucker.

According to Tucker, depending on the year the fundraiser raises in between $1000 and $1,500 for the Cochrane Food Bank.

"They're very nicely done. They're fired up and they're colourful, I have three or four pieces here myself, they're just really pretty."

The fundraiser will be set up at the Cochrane Farmers Market on Aug. 6th accepting cash or debit for purchases.