The Zero Gravity Skate Park here in town will be renewed in a week with the Street Art Skate Park project.

On June 16, from 1-9 p.m. Cochranites are invited to come down to the park and try their hand at street art, there will be murals, designs, and other small stencil pieces created, aimed at beautifying the area.

Jola Muran, lead organizer of the event, says she was inspired to transform the grey space.

"We've got spray cans and stencils, in the tradition of street art, but this is all legal," she says. "This is a good place to come join us and beautify this grey space."

Muran is the Town of Cochrane Arts and Culture Programmer, and she has partnered with Recreation and Culture as well as Arts and Culture Foundation of Cochrane, the INSIDE, Shredz, and Art School Skate Boards to make this happen.

There are stencils provided but if you would like to bring your own design that is fine too.

"Come participate, we've got a lot of open mindedness, we're pretty well accepting everybody's designs even day of, just bring a quick sketch."

The goal of the project is to not just beautify the area, put prevent unwanted and illegal graffiti as well.

Sharon Johnson, whose son uses the skate park frequently, says the community art project is a good idea, as the park has a lot of positive impacts on youth.

"To me it's just another recreational facility in this town, and anything the town is willing to do to help beautify it, I think its great," she says. "Everybody's worried about kids being active, kids will go there and spend 8 hours skating, I don't see the negative in the skate park it's all positive, they spend their day outside, getting some air. It's not as structured, they police themselves, they can do their own thing."

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