Cochrane Council has been chipping away at community enhancements since the summer of 2014.

Councillors' Jeff Toews and Gaynor Levisky originally brought fourth 35 enhancements, which over time became 10, and now the last of the list is being finalized.

Drew Hyndman, Town of Cochrane Senior Manager Development Services, says the process has been a challenging one.

"It has been a challenge but I think really we are focused on the outcome and the intent of what the notice of motion is intending to achieve."

Hyndman shares that some of the community enhancements have been more difficult to address than others.

"The most challenging ones have been increasing the setback between the homes, and the other one that has been very challenging was the discussion to increase the width of local roads. However, that one has now been addressed but we are happy to say we have made some significant inroads with the other items on the list."

It has been a balancing act for the department to find middle ground to appease both council as well as the developers.

"Trying to manage the input and the direction from council and the interest of the development community and our existing policy, but through good communication and collaboration I think we have made some improvements in our process and our policies."

Through the lengthy process, a community enhancement matrix has been developed. The development of the matrix will help enhance the process for not only council but community members as well.

"Really the intent is to identify at the higher levels envisioning stage of development what are some specific priorities for the town. As we walk through those priorities and confirm they have been included within plans, then council and the public very early in the process would have an opportunity to provide input on those and help influence the direction of that plan."

Hyndman shares the current process does not allow council to see the proposed plan until fairly late in the game, thus making it more challenging for change.

"It is in it's very early stages but we hope the matrix could be a tool we could utilize to benefit the outcomes."

Hyndman shares that while they are wrapping up the community enhancements  there are other projects coming that do have implications for communities and residents.

"We want to have a great relationship with our residents. We are happy to field different inquiries and help clarify- we pride ourselves on responding to people we like to be part of the solution."