Mayor Jeff Genung says to his knowledge town bylaw officers haven't had to issue any tickets as of yet related to COVID-19 health ordinance, but they will if they have too.

Still, Mayor Genung believes Cochranites have been respecting the need for physical distancing.

"Cochrane residents are doing a good job in flattening the curve, and staying home, and slowing the spread. I think we really haven't had to go to the resort of issuing fines."

With the warmer weather, he is concern people may be tempted to forget about the measures in place.

"If we have to go to some further resorts to enforce, we will."

He doesn't discourage people from going outside and enjoying the warmer temperatures we're forecasted to receive this week.

"I think people get it. It doesn't mean you have to stay home and lock yourself in the basement. It just means you have to be aware to not be too close to another person. Get outside, go for a walk, go see the Men of Vision statue, go to the creek. All those things are available to us, and we live in such a great location in the river valley. More than ever, we should get out and experience that."