In a time where Alberta's economy is struggling, many people are always looking for new ways to make some extra money, but may not consider working from home.

That's why Kris Thoreson has organized the upcoming Bearspaw Home Based & Small Business Job Fair, to show anyone interested what their options are if they want to pursue direct sales.

The show on Saturday, Sept. 10 features 19 different companies looking for representatives for their products.

Thorseon says checking out the event may be good for anyone looking for extra cash for the holidays, or even full time work.

"There's been a lot of layoffs as everyone knows, people are getting more creative about how to find work," she says. "Work from home opportunities are a possibility that people may forget about, I have a couple friends that make a full time living actually doing direct sales."

She shares working from home can be a good option, especially for those looking for a more flexible schedule.

"I know a lot of people have children in school, and in sports, and it's hard to fit all those things around work. So people working from home still work very hard, but they can call it a day when they need to, or take a day off when they need to, and also just doing something they love."

She says university students, as well as seniors may also appreciate the flexible hours working from a small, or home based business can give.

Anyone who attends doesn't need a resume, just a pen and paper, and possibly a list of questions.

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