Earlier this week the Kumous family arrived at the Calgary Airport from Syria and were greeted by the Cabot family who was ready to show them to their new home in Cochrane.

It was truly a family effort as Bernie Cabot's stepdaughter, Natalie Power, took matters into her own hands starting a fundraising campaign at Cochrane High School for a Syrian refugee family.

Power is only fifteen years old and just recently moved to Cochrane from Newfoundland.

With help from her family she came up with the idea for "We Day," an event held in Calgary that her leadership class was participating in - needing a local and an international idea for the event held in October last year.

Power knew the Syrian Refugee Crisis had to be the international idea but she had no idea the role her and her family would end up playing in the lives of a Syrian family of six who moved to Cochrane on Tuesday.

When asked about the role she played, Power was quick to give credit to everyone in Cochrane for making it all possible.

"The people that have helped, thank you so much is all I can say because if it wasn't for my teachers and the support of my classmates, I honestly would not have been able to create this campaign."

Power said the best part of it was finally being able to meet the Kumous family at the airport on Tuesday as she said this is just the beginning of it all, because now she gets to welcome a new family into her own.

Joesph and Carolen Kumous have four daughters, Sham, Halla, Sebba, and Shad aged 2, 4, 7, and 9 respectively.

"They are the most beautiful girls, they are such giving people, they have a heart of pure gold, they are so thankful for everything we've done for them, I feel like I have four little sisters."

Also, most of all, she had to thank her stepfather Bernie Cabot who made it all happen with extra funding and finding the perfect family while working with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society.

The family of six was chosen because the Cabot's wanted to help the largest family possible, knowing only one family could move to Cochrane with their help for now.

Cabot was committed to donating $30,000 of his own money to contribute to bringing a family to Cochrane but asked around from associates, friends and the community and so far have raised around $23,000 to help reduce the amount he put on himself.

He was very clear that this is not the end of their work getting the Kumous family to Canada as he plans to help the father Joesph find a job, and then in four to six months, look at bringing another family to Cochrane. 

Cabot and his family are helping the Kumous' every step of the way saying.

"They are very excited when they walked into the townhouse we furnished for them, there were a few tears shed, and (Wednesday) we took them to the bank and opened up a bank account for them and we got them a cellphone."

"It's overwhelming for them but they are settling in. They're currently out grocery shopping with Nancy and picking up groceries for the kids, I'm hoping over the next couple weeks things will settle down and we'll get them into English language training and take it from there."

Cabot could not say enough good things about his kids with Power and his other ten year-old son Jack who even donated $100 in Christmas money towards the campaign. 

The entire Cabot family is very excited with the new addition to their family and Power agrees with her stepfather, that Cochrane is the perfect place for the Kumous'.

"Cochrane is an amazing town, I moved here a year ago from Newfoundland and I've recieved nothing but love and open arms, this town is just so giving and welcoming. It's a perfect place to lay this family down. They love it here already."

Power and her family are continuing the campaign in hopes of helping more Syrian families start a new life here in Canada.

If you would like to help Power's efforts in being a part of bringing a refugee family to Cochrane she can be reached by email at nataliepow@outlook.com.

Ryan King -