The Calgary Chamber of Commerce's first-ever Agriculture Summit drew over 500 people last week.

Foothills MP, and Conservative Agriculture Critic, John Barlow says it was a great gathering of producers and industry leaders in and out of the agriculture industry.

"I think what was important, I think they had 550 people there, and the idea was to discuss and debate the future of agriculture in Canada, some of the issues it is facing but also some of the potential and opportunities that are there," he says. "I think why it was important to have some of these other industries there is it doesn't help when you're in an echo chamber and you're just preaching to the converted or to your own industry."

Barlow says it's important to share this information with other business leaders and industry leaders from across the province.

"I was pleased to hear some of the same things that we're hearing on the ground are some of the same priorities that I've set out for myself and my team, Barlow says. "A need for a revision of our business risk management programs, the real need to reconnect urban and rural Canadians, educating Canadians about where their food comes from. the fact that we do it better than anyone else in the world in terms of conservation, stewardship, safety, we have to work together in partnership to share those messages with Canadians."

Barlow says a number of groups are already planning to visit him in Ottawa in February.