Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole unveiled his shadow cabinet this week. 

O'Toole promoting Lianne Rood to the role of Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food. 

Rood grew up on a vegetable farm in Ontario and has served as the Deputy Shadow Minister since her election in 2019.

"My experience goes beyond just growing up on a farm and being involved in Agriculture. I had the pleasure of working with David Anderson for several years working with him on the Canadian Wheat Board file under Minister Gerry Ritz under Stephen Harper's government."

She says our farm families and producers are a critical pillar of our rural economy.

"You know Agriculture is a key foundation of our country. So moving forward I think we need to make sure that our producers and our farmers have the tools and the support they need to order to be successful and so we can ensure our food security moving forward."

Rood says she'll continue to hold the Liberal government to account and fight on behalf of farmers and producers across the country.

She replaces Alberta Foothills MP John Barlow as the party's agriculture critic. 

Barlow had supported Peter McKay in the Conservative's Leadership race.