Karina Gould, federal Minister for Families, Children and Social Development, is in town today to make an announcement on innovative Early Learning and Child Care practices.

She'll be at the Future Stars Daycare early this afternoon and will be accompanied by Calgary Skyview MP George Chahal.

Gould is the minister responsible to sign all $10/day child care deals.

An agreement signed between Alberta and the federal government provides $3.8 billion in federal funding over five years. This plan calls for the reduction of fees for parents of children aged 0-kindergarten by half early this year and will provide an average of $10 per day child care by 2026.

The agreement sees grants awarded to child care providers that will lower fees for all parents. Families who make less than $180,000 will be eligible for an additional subsidy to further reduce their child care costs.

Parents can expect to pay:

  • $10 per day if they earn up to $119,999
  • $11 to $17 per day if they earn between $120,000 and $179,999
  • $22.19 per day if they earn $180,000 and above