Federal Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau recently announced the first projects to receive funding under the Federal Governments Emergency Processing Fund. 

The funding is designed to help businesses purchase reusable PPE, sanitation stations and protective barriers, make adjustments to production lines to enable social distancing, develop additional training and adopt other measures that help safeguard employees from COVID 19.

The announcement last week involved $10.54 million in funding for 32 projects across Canada.

1) Exceldor Cooperative

2) Island Farmhouse Poultry

3) Monpak         

4) Fraser Valley Packers Inc.

5) Sunnymel Limited Partnership

6) Superior Poultry Processors Ltd.

7) Breton Tradition 1944 Inc

8) Elliot Grain Ltd.

9) Oly-Robi Transformation Commandite Inc  

10)  Sunrise Poultry Processors

11) Saputo Dairy Products Canada 

12) Giraffe Foods

13) Sofina Foods Inc

14) Ganong Bros., Limited

15) Rossdown Natural Foods Ltd.

16) Forestburg Meat Processing Inc

17) Tuckamore Homestead Inc.

18) Silver Valley Farms Ltd.

19) Serres Toundra Inc

20) Bouvry Export Calgary Ltd

21) Acecard Foodgroup Ltd

22) Sierra Custom Foods Inc.

23) Premium Brands Holdings Corporation 

24)  Ya Ya Foods Corporation

25) Gala Bakery Inc.     

26) Hayter’s Turkey Products Inc.

27) Erie Meat Products Ltd      

28) R. Fiedler Meat Products Ltd

29) St. Helens Meat Packers Ltd.       

30) FGF Brands Inc.

31) Manitoba Ltd. O/A True North Foods      

32) Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd