Cold weather kept RCMP from conducting long extended check stops but a number of vehicles were still stopped in week two of holiday checkstops.

RCMP Sergeant Dave Hardy says they were able to remove some more impaired drivers off our roadways by using roving patrols and short sharp checkstops.

“Through the week we intercepted another three impaired drivers and laid appropriate charges, there was also a 24 hour suspension for alcohol and a 24 our suspension for drug use issued.”

Hardy says checkstops and roving patrols will continue throughout the holiday season promoting responsible drinking practices.

“We encourage anyone to have those conversations with friends, co workers, family members if they are in no condition to drive, choosing to say nothing and a serious incident happens, living with yourself will be much harder. Everybody needs to be involved in impaired driving apprehensions and we are asking everyone to do their part.”

If you suspect an impaired driver Hardy says phone it in, if safe to do so.

“If they have bluetooth and they are able to make a call without having to manipulate their phone definitely you could remain following the vehicle from a distance to keep us aware of where its location, direction, and travel. If there is any adverse driving going on we recommend that you pull to the side of the road and let the vehicle go and just report to us via 911.”

Hardy says all complaints are taken seriously, followed up on, and investigated.

“You never know that vehicle could be the one to go into oncoming traffic; there will be a response and it will be prompt.”