This past long weekend was manageable for Cochrane RCMP.

Even with Cochrane's first snowfall, drivers for the most part adjusted their driving accordingly.

Constable Jennifer Brewer says between October 7-10, RCMP received 19 calls regarding accidents and some of those were duplicate calls.

"Thankfully no fatal collisions, nothing serious that actually took place; any injuries reported to us were very minor."

Brewer adds a few reminders when it comes to winter driving.

"Keep in mind when the weather turns it is not always safe to drive the speed limit. You do want to adjust your driving to match that of the weather. However we do get the people that are overly cautious; if you feel that you, yourself, can't drive in the condition that it is out there it is best to pull over or let someone else drive."

The other thing is to make sure your lights are on in foggy conditions.

"With the vehicles now-a-days a lot of them have the automatic lighting system that run off a sensor and sometimes the sensor can malfunction, so you want to make sure that your lights come on. You will know because you will see that your dash board lights change, so if you do have your automatic lights on and they aren't turning on, especially in the fog, make sure you correct that and turn them on your self."