It’s becoming more common to spot a "Filming in Progress” sign propped up around Cochrane as the film/television industry continues to boom in Alberta.

The latest production to be made locally is shooting tonight in Found Bookshop in historic downtown Cochrane.

“We are shooting what would be called a movie of the week,” explains Josh Brennand with Polyscope Productions. “This is a thriller. Movies like this that we typically have done have gone on things like the lifetime network.”

The film’s working title is ‘A Fair Conspiracy’ and began shooting last week in Cochrane. Locations used so far include the main street and The Rockeyview Hotel.

“I will tell you that we knew that Cochrane was great for filming but we have got to do more here because Cochrane has been wonderful.”

“I'm not going to speak ill of other places, but the reception that we've got from people, the curiosity and kindness and willingness. Your town council, how easy it's been to work with them and get into it. It's been amazing. So yeah, we love it.”

Julia Lutchman, owner of Found says having her bookshop featured as a backdrop in multiple projects is surreal. 

"It's beyond cool! It's something that was never on my radar to happen and it's amazing that it is and it's just good exposure for the town and us."

Filming will run through the evening starting tonight at 5 p.m.