By Thursday night, over $1,800 had been raised.

By last night, that total reached $2,207.70.

Today is the final day in a wildly successful bottle collection that will buy gift cards for seniors left on their own to celebrate Christmas because of the pandemic.

Organizer Paul Singh says he is humbled and thankful for the widespread support. It's his fifth bottle drive for worthy community causes, and this is by far the most successful, underlining just how much our community cares about its seniors.

Many volunteers have stepped forward to help. He sends thanks to Laura Tucker, Cyndi Campone Dunn, Kelsey Yochim, Jane Kaczmer, Gary Smith, Crystal Kerr, Alexandra Dick, Stephenie Tucker-Shelstad, Lezley, Renita Bartlett, Lynnsey Saare, Sandra Croeze McCrimmon, Susan Calvert, and Ruth-Anne Marley.

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