With the nice weather we have been experiencing, Cochranites are asked to talk to their children about the dangers of local storm water facilities. Under no circumstance should anyone be walking, skating, or playing on the storm ponds around town.

Fire Inspector Jeff Avery with Cochrane Fire Services explains why storm ponds are so dangerous. “With the nice weather we've been having it's just extremely dangerous. Some of the ice fluctuates a little bit too much and it's just not tested and we don't know the depth of the water underneath and we don't know the thickness of the ice so it's just an extremely dangerous place to be on, especially for children."

Avery says parents need to talk to their kids and make sure they keep off the ice. "Parents, if you see your kids going outside with some hockey sticks and some skates, question where they're going, especially if you're not by an outdoor rink so, you know, let's just keep an eye on our kids and make sure that we keep them safe."

The only locations open for skating right now in Cochrane is Mitford pond and lower Mitford pond, with The Tim Bannister Memorial Rink temporarily closed due to warm weather.