Organizers of the community Terry Fox Run being held this coming Sunday, Sept. 18 are fired up for the return of the live event and have heard the same from some long-time participants.

"We've had several emails from past participants who are just very excited for the return of the traditional run," says Paul Cox, of the organizing committee.

"So we're all set to go and participants can walk or wheel, they can bring bicycles or rollerblades. Some people are simply planning to bring their dog and go for a walk."

There's a two and five-kilometre route, both starting at Mitford Park. The registration desk is open from 9 a.m. to noon.

While the official start of the run is 10 a.m., Cox says people are welcome to depart earlier.

"Some people who perhaps have other plans later on Sunday may want to get there right at 9, register and do their walk, wheel, jog, etc. to beat the rush, then go on with the rest of their day."

"I know some people will wake up Sunday morning, praying for good weather, and they'll just say let's go down to Mitford Park and go for a walk and make a donation to the cause. It's just amazing how the $10 and $20 bills add up to a good donation to the Terry Fox Foundation."

He says what separates the Terry Fox Run from other similar events is there is no entry fee, no minimum amount of money you need to raise, or a requirement to buy a t-shirt.

Paul Cox was reluctant when asked by a fellow worker to watch Terry Fox run down one of the main streets in London, ON on July 17, 1980. She persisted, telling him you'll never forget seeing it.

"So I said, OK, OK, I'll go with you, and it was just very moving to see him run."

The Marathon of Hope ended not long afterward on Sept. 1, 1980, in Thunder Bay, ON. Fox succumbed to cancer on June 28, 1981.

That same year, the Terry Fox Run was created. Cox missed the first one, finding out about it afterward, but has participated every year since. In 1988, he helped organize the run in London, and with his move to Cochrane is now involved with the runs being staged both here and in Calgary.

A group of people has also been completing 42k in advance of this Sunday's event. It jointly commemorates the 42nd anniversary of the run and the 42k Fox typical ran each day.

Cycling 42k on Saturday, Sept. 17

The 42nd anniversary of the Terry Fox Run is also being marked by a 42k bike ride from Cochrane to Calgary and back starting at the Church of Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints in Gleneagles on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Brandon Cruze is heading up the group of cyclists that includes many members of our Filipino community.

Cruz says rain or shine, the ride leaves at 8:30 a.m. sharp and finishes at Cochrane's Terry Fox Memorial Park, located by the Glenbow Elementary School.

All interested people are welcome to participate.

Terry Fox School Run on Sept. 23

The tri-schools (Elizabeth Barrett, École Manachaban Middle School, and Cochrane High) will be doing their Terry Fox Run on Sept. 23 from 9:30 to 10 a.m. around the schools on the streets and sidewalk. No pets are allowed.

The Mitford School will be holding its run the same day, starting at 12:40 p.m.

Some other schools will likely be participating.

Since the first run in 1981, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over $800 million worldwide for cancer research.