Nile and his mom cracked yesterday's clue using a mirror and are $100 richer for their effort! The duo was waiting with hands in the air as CochraneNow pulled into Bow Valley High School. The money will go a long way in setting Nile up for another year of school.

Tomorrow has ANOTHER $100 up for grabs.

This is how The Fireside Pharmacy Backpack of Cash works.

  1. Be listening to 91.5 FM CochraneNow at noon every weekday
  2. We will start giving you hints on where we are going in the CochraneNow Cruiser
  3. When we reach our destination, be the first person to run over and give us a high five it's all yours!

That's it! We have $100 of cold, hard cash to give away every weekday.

*Only one win per season*

If you are looking for a leg up on the competition, each day there will also be a clue posted to to let you know which school we are heading towards.



Si tu veux être le premier et un tout nouveau centaire
Dirigez-vous vers une école dans l'ouest de Cochrane, mais allez-y avec prudence
Un peu après Mitford est où aller
Allez à midi et regardez votre richesse grandir