Many of those contributing to the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation (GRPF) on Giving Tuesday will see their donations doubled thanks to matching funds being offered for the first $10,000.

It's Giving Tuesday tomorrow, Nov. 28, and the foundation is welcoming contributions to help support the many programs they offer to enjoy its unique and diverse natural landscape.

To add fuel to the pot, GRPF chair Andy Crooks has offered to match contributions up to a maximum of $10,000.

Sarah Parker, the foundation's executive director, is thrilled with the offering.

"It's so generous of him," says Parker. "He's always generous with the foundation and matching people's donation will hopefully spur more giving from the public."

Giving Tuesday is an important fundraiser in support of the many programs and recreational opportunities offered by the foundation at the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

"It's a common story for any nonprofit organization and Giving Tuesday is a whole movement across Canada for giving and volunteering. It's an opportunity to reach out to our supporters who perhaps have donated in the past or love the park but have never donated."

"The donations go directly towards our programming and our operational costs are fairly low (two staff members)," Parker explains. "The donations received support us in the work that we do and go directly into programming and volunteer coordination."

The foundation has over 80 volunteers plus a core group of about 20 stewards who are crucial to the operation.

"We couldn't do what we do without them," she says.

They've seen great results from their summer youth programming, especially the Discover Archeology and pond programs, and the golf cart tours continue to be a popular way of seeing its reaches.

There is a limited amount of winter programming but the park remains open year round, sunrise to sunset.

"The paths are plowed all winter long and it is still a wonderful place to visit. Just because it's cold doesn't mean it's not there."

They also have many partnerships that allow researchers to study the natural resources within the park.

"There's always something happening," says Parker. "One of the key roles that the foundation plays is partnering with universities and schools that want to do research initiatives at the park and we help to navigate that partnership with the government in terms of permitting and we provide support ourselves as we can. The more relations we get the more we can support those types of initiatives."

You can make donations to GRPF here.