Cochrane Health and Fitness is hosting a seniors fitness Lunch and Learn on Thursday Sept. 22, to inform anyone aged 65 and up about how to stay active into the golden years.

CHFC Manager Christine Showell says the idea for the session came about, after the gym realized there was a lack of seniors fitness options in Cochrane.

"We've noticed that Cochrane has kind of two big majorities in this town, so we have really young families, and the baby boomers," she says. "We noticed baby boomers don't have a lot of options in terms of how to work out properly and take care of themselves as they age."

Showell explains senior fitness is about more than just maintaining and losing weight.

"Physical activity can help their sleep, reduce the impact of illness or injury, enhance mobility, flexibility and balance, and it's really good for their brain."

CHFC will offer new seniors group fitness classes, to take the intimidation out of attending a gym at an older age.

"A newbie, anybody could just come off the street and they don't have to have any idea on how to work out, because you're going to have an instructor there telling you how to do it properly and safely. Even starting off with one or two classes will hopefully get them into a bit of a regime show them what hurts, what they shouldn't be doing, and what they should be doing, and they can always ask instructors for advice."

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