The Bow Valley Credit Union (BVCU) is now accepting applications for student scholarships.

BVCU's Manager of Human Resources and Marketing, Lina Palewandren says that they will be awarding five scholarships in total this year.

"We have four general scholarships of $500 each and one Jack Paterson Memorial Scholarship of $1,000," explains Palewandren.

The Scholarships are open to Alberta residents between the ages of 17 and 25. Palewandren says that there are a few boxes that all eligible applicants will need to check off.

"[They must provide] proof of enrollment or acceptance in an Alberta post-secondary institution which includes college, university or a skilled trades program," explains Palewandren. She goes on to say that "proof of Alberta residency and resume with contact details" will also be required.

Those applying for the Jack Paterson Memorial Scholarship will have an additional component to their application.

"We're just looking for someone who's got some community involvement," says Palewandren. "Maybe they've done some volunteering in the past couple of years, what kind of impact has that had on them?"

Applicants for the Jack Paterson Memorial Scholarship will have some flexibility on how they want to submit this piece. Palewandren says that the panel will accept a written essay or they can choose to submit a video demonstrating meaningful community involvement.

The scholarships are only available to full-time students who are enrolled or have been accepted to an undergraduate or technical program in 2021.

All interested applicants must apply by August 31, 2021, and submissions can be emailed to:

Successful applicants will be notified by September 15, 2021, and they will receive the scholarship funds by September 30, 2021.