There has been no shortage of complaints about a bridge that's currently closed in northeastern corner of Riverfront Park due to an extensively damaged during the flood event last June.

Town council has topped up funding to replace the bridge now estimated to cost $86,000. The extra funds will come from the town's Parks Infrastructure Reserve. With funding now in place, it's expected to be replaced this fall.

"The hope is to start construction right away with approval," Brad Luft, parks and open spaces manager, told council.

With the new bridge, the north abutment will go further into the north end of the bank. The south abutment of the bridge was solid during the flooding event and will remain the same.

A rapidly flowing Big Hill Creek washed out a portion of the north bank abutment on the bridge on June 21, 2019 and lead to a partial bridge collapse. The town was forced to close it for safety reasons, with the intention of replacing it.

Parks had originally budgeted $80,000 for a replacement that would match the design of the current one. When bids came back substantially higher than anticipated, the department worked with the consultant and lowest bid submitter for a more affordable option that now comes in at $86,000.

The extra $20,000 covers both the funding shortfall and a 12 per cent contingency for the project.

Had funding not been received, there was a chance the bridge would be decommissioned.