After the hard decision to cancel the 2020 edition of one of Cochrane’s premier races, Footstock is a go for 2021.

Meredith McMorran, a Race Director for Footstock says calling off last year’s event was tough. “Last year it was a really difficult decision not to have an event, but we have at that time planned for a 5k, a 10K, an 18 k corporate relay or it could be a relay with a bunch of family or friends, an 18 k solo race, and again, our traditional kid’s race.”

“Many of our registered participants agreed to leave their registration with us and carry it over to this year. So we're starting our registration season on February 15 with already several participants already registered, and that means we are obliged to but happily continue with the same races that we already have planned for last year.”

While everyone is hoping that the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted by race day in June, McMorran says they are prepared for any situation. “We have planned our race so that it can go ahead either in person or virtually. So the in-person event will look a lot like our traditional events have over 20 years now.” 

“We are planning for success. we're planning so that we can make sure that we ensure everybody's safety, which does mean reduced numbers.”

“If we have an in-person event. We think the numbers that we expect should be manageable we will be starting people with a staggered start so smaller groups going across our start line, but we'll have a timer on the start line so that'll ensure that when you cross the finish line, your finish time will reflect your actual race time. “

“In the event that we have to have a virtual event. We will still have a registration package pick up time when you come through you get your T-shirt and your swag and your race bib. We also intend to set out a racecourse that we will leave up for a week and hope that participants are still able to complete the race, maybe with friends or family but to being socially distant and that way that might be a little more in line with what AHS restrictions might be at that time.”

For many athletes, getting the best race time is the ultimate goal and McMorran ensures that participates will get an accurate reading from Footstock. “We've started a partnership with Leaderboard and Leaderboard will allow us to post virtual time so after they do their run if they haven't participated in the event in-person they can still submit their time that will be included in our race results for people who may have participated officially.” 

“Every month we're also going to have a free virtual event. We'll put out a link to our racecourse that'll go through a different community somewhere in Cochrane. And then we'll invite participants to post their times and just have some fun friendly community competition”

Footstock's race day will be on Sunday, June 6, 2021, and registration open’s on February 15, 2021.