Tragedy struck yesterday in southern Alberta when a man fell through the ice on Emerson Lake in High River and succumbed to his injures.

November has seen fluctuating temperatures and not a lot of extremely cold weather which is making for precarious ice surfaces.

Fire Inspector with Cochrane Fire Services, Jeff Avery says, "We are not getting nearly cold enough temperatures to have meaningful ice to be on. We are going to preach the same that we do every year in Cochrane, no ice is safe ice."

Avery says the signs are going up around all retention ponds in town reminding people that the ponds, "Are not ment for skating, they're not ment for walking on, they're not ment for playing on. Any retention pond, we have to stay off completely."

Avery says they will continue to fight the good fight and hopefully, residents will listen to the message that no ice is safe ice.