Kids and Company Cochrane, a child care and early learning facility in Sunset Ridge, is looking to bring the community together through a free Family Fun Day.

A first for Cochrane, the nationwide organization holds free Fun Days every couple of months in Alberta.

Melissa Sawatzky, Kids and Company, Community Marketing Manager says, Cochrane was an easy choice for a location to hold the event.

"Where we operate is usually in areas where there's families, and the attitude in these areas is around community and bringing people together. We think that's important, especially in a place like Cochrane where people are really close knit. We want to bring friends and families together, and maybe even meet people you haven't met yet in your area."

The event is a great way for Kids and Company to introduce themselves as well.

"We're newer in Cochrane, so that's why we wanted to have one, to welcome families who are in the area, and having some of the nearby businesses come and join us too. Especially in Sunset Ridge because its a newer area, we want to get introduced to folks and sort of have a celebration there."

The day runs from 9:30-11:30 am on Saturday June 4, and will include entertainment with Magician Christopher Cool, and snacks as well.

Sawatzky adds you must pre-register online, and the sooner, the better.

"We'd like to have the registration numbers in advance for planning, but certainly people can register the day of."

Click here to register.