The heat warning continues in Cochrane and the Helping Hands Free Food Sheds are doing a call out to the community for drinks and treats to help people cool down.

"We are looking for anything that would quench your thirst on a smoking hot day," says Helping Hands executive director Laura McDonald. "We're thinking things like Gatorade, popsicles, individual bottles of water, anything like that."

The Free Food Sheds are a community-led initiative where Cochranites are asked to give what they can so people can take what they need.

There are two locations in town and both are well-equipped to keep drinks and food cold during hot, summer days.

"The east shed, which is at Saint Andrews United Church, has a freezer and a fridge. So anything you need to keep your your treats cold or frozen. The west shed at Bow Valley Baptist Church has a fridge."

McDonald says the use of both sheds continues to climb as the population in Cochrane grows.

The Helping Hands-Free Food Sheds are open 24 hours a day for residents to donate or take food.