Social media is constantly evolving and it can be a challenge for parents to keep up with everything kids are doing online.

A free presentation tonight is hoping to help. Hosted at BGC of Cochrane and Area from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm., Constable Nathan Moore will be leading a chat about online presence and safety.

“It's going to be great insight as to the do's and don'ts and the trends that we see amongst kids that are online,” explains Cst. Moore. “We go over the files that we typically get and what's brought forward from the schools when it comes to their attention.”

“It's not a matter of being Big Brother, on top of them all the time. It's just being good parents.”

Moore says it can be a tough subject to approach, but when it comes to online safety it’s important for both the kids and parents to be informed.

“You might think that it's a little advanced as far as a topic, but it's the same exact thing I give to my kids. My kids are 13 to 19 as well and I just want everybody to stay out of trouble and have fun online."

"It's eye-opening to see what's available and what's out there and to give them a little insight as to steer the kids in the right direction.”

While there are lots of apps and social media platforms popular with Cochrane’s youth, Moore says one stands above the rest as far as issues in town.

“Snapchat is the bane of our existence at the RCMP. Lots of kids think that everything that's on Snapchat goes away instantly, but truth be told, there are ways to get all that stuff back off of it even though it goes away after 30 seconds or however long it is."

“Remind them, if you wouldn't send it to your mom right away. don't send it to anybody online.”

There is no need to sign up to attend the presentation tonight.