Light Up chair Stephenie Shelstad says fresh blood is needed to help plan what is expected to be a return to a live Cochrane Light Up event downtown during the holiday season.

Shelstad says they're excited about the possible return to a live event that continued to shatter the attendance record year after year, exceeding 10,000 people before the pandemic hit.

"We're looking for some new ideas," says Shelstad. "We're planning on doing an in-person Light Up this year, and we're looking at some possible expansion plans. Being my 10th year, I'd like to make it a little extra special."

The Light Up committee is holding a meeting on May 17th.

"We're getting it out there early. We want to get going early, we want to make it a big event, so we need some help."

She says they are definitely in need of someone to manage their social media and website.

You can contact Light Up through their Facebook page here or phone Stephenie at 403-463-4226.