A Cochrane rodeo weekend tradition started 20 years ago will once again kick off the action at the rodeo grounds.

The Friday night Slimdor Ranch Rodeo starts at 5 p.m. and is free for all to enjoy, courtesy of Slimdor Contracting.

Hard to believe, but it's now been two decades since Kevin Firkus and John Copithorne approached Rich Bach, president of Slimdor Contracting, with the idea of holding a rodeo to involve and salute our proud ranching community. 

"We've got team penning, team sorting, rustling, and then in the open event there's team doctoring," explains Chris Connon, Cochrane Lions president and rodeo co-chair. "You get to see some stuff that they do every day on the ranch. It's a different aspect of rodeoing, and it's definitely a team event."

Bach remains as passionate about sponsoring the event, and the entire rodeo weekend, as the day he signed on.

"I thought it was a great idea. It gets everybody together, and in my mind, it's been the number one event all along for the ranchers," says Bach.

He says he receives plenty of positive feedback every year.

Rodeo co-chair Connon says it's been an amazing partnership.

"It was partially his brainchild when it came to fruition. Rich wants to give back to the community, he wants everybody to be able to come enjoy it, and it's a night on Slimdor. So, the gates are open, thanks to Slimdor Contracting."

It's followed by three days of the Lions' FCA-sanctioned rodeo.

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