A sold-out Blue Jays Baseball Academy Camp was a hot ticket in Cochrane yesterday afternoon.

A total of 105 youth, ages 8 to 13, worked on their ball skills and had plenty of fun on the hottest afternoon of the summer.

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The last Blue Jays camp was sold out in Cochrane two years ago. That made agreeing to host another one a quick yes, says Michelle O'How, of Cochrane Minor Ball.

"They reached out to me, and asked me if I'd try again, and I said 100 per cent. I'm all about building youth sports in the community," she says.

O'How says not only is the quality training provided fun, but the pricing was family friendly. For the $80 registration fee, they received four hours of training plus a Blue Jays hat and keepsake t-shirt.

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Geoff Seto, Blue Jays program specialist of amateur baseball, says it's designed that way on purpose.

"It's never been a monetary thing for us," he says. "It's about wanting to continue to make it where kids have an appreciation for the game. Hopefully, when they come out of this, they go home with their mom and dad, and say, 'I want to watch the Blue Jays tonight, or I want to watch baseball.' That's a win for us. If they take it a step further and want to get involved with their local association, that's an even bigger win for us."

Seto was here the last time it rolled through town.

"There's an extra kick in the air when they're coming up to the registration table. They get their hat, their t-shirt, you know, the Blue Jays are in town, so it's a cool experience; it always is. It's fun to come out of province and see where the game is in other areas and continue to grow it."

The academy typically holds two clinics daily and was at the Webber Academy in the morning. Today, they're heading to the Edmonton area.

Minor baseball is huge in Cochrane and continues to grow beyond the town's capability. It's reached the point where many older AAA players are forced to join Calgary teams because there aren't adequate facilities here.