A club in Cochrane is getting members active, socially and physically.

The Cochrane Hiking Club is 88 members strong, ranging from ages 42 to 82, the club hikes every Tuesday from April to October.

Lorna Harrison, President Of The Cochrane Hiking Club, says it's a great way to stay active into the golden years.

"Because it's on Tuesdays it's mostly seniors." she says. "It's an opportunity for seniors who have been active in the past, if they have had surgery, or have had to reduce their level of intensity for a medical reason, it's a way for them to continue to be active."

She says the group is full of like minded people intent on staying active and healthy late into their senior years, who love the outdoors.

"You're just out there with a group of people that just love what they're doing, and love to share it."

Harrison shares her biggest pleasure as a leader is to see people accomplish things they never thought they could.

"Just seeing their faces when they make that climb, when they get to the top,and they see not just the beauty of it, but what they've accomplished, it's pretty special."

The club not only gives members a group to hike with, but an 88 person friend circle who hosts barbeques, potlucks and celebrates birthdays.

The hikes themselves can range in difficulty, Dolly McArthur, Vice President, says most have two levels, and sometimes three.

"We have an alternate hike, and that's where they may do the distance but not the elevation, then we have the main hike and that's distance and elevation, and that sometimes breaks into two groups, one group who likes to go faster and the other who likes to smell the roses and take pictures."

McArthur adds leaders in the group are properly trained on using bear spray, satellite phones, and first aid should there be an incident.