On Tuesday July 28, the Provincial government announced 2.5 million dollars in funding for capital upgrades within the ghost Public Land Use Area in the Kananaskis region.

The funding will be used to widen campground roads and sites, washroom facilities, signage, bear proof garbage receptacles, and trail improvements.

Banff- Cochrane MLA Cameron Westhead is thrilled with the fact that the Provincial government is recognizing the need.

"I was really excited to hear out about funding provided to the Ghost, I know it's a popular recreation area not only to my constituents but also Calgarians and Albertans in general, I think it is important we invest this money in helping people enjoy the outdoors."

Westhead says news will hopefully be relief to residents that reside within the Ghost area as complaints of misuse and neglect have been noted. 

"My hope is that with these upgrades, people will begin to take more responsibility; use the garbage facilities that are offered, use the public washrooms, and just get a better sense that this land belongs to all Albertans and it is incumbent upon us all to take care of it so that it can be enjoyed by other users as well."

Trails will be improved, shares Westhead, knowing that that was an area of concern for residents. "There's going to be improved signage and improved trails so there is better connections from the existing campgrounds to trails in the public land use zone that is forest reserve boundary."

While news of the release is still fresh, Westhead imagines that recreation users of the Ghost area will be pleased.

Westhead adds he is proud that the government is recognizing our constituency as one of need.

"We've noticed over the summer that there's been a lot more Albertans taking staycations especially in this riding, areas like Banff and Canmore have been overwhelmed by international and local tourism and I think it just goes to show how important this constituency is to the Province."