Enviros Wilderness School and Ghost River Rediscovery are looking for volunteers to help clean up the Ghost Valley Area on Saturday, June 11, 2016.

It's the first year Enviros Wilderness School and Ghost River Rediscovery have had to call for volunteers, as both organizations are out regularly cleaning up.

Jeff Couillard, with Enviros Wilderness School, says it's gotten to the point that the mess is so bad they need an extra hand.

"It's turned into a unenforced recreation area," he says. "There's nobody patrolling it to make sure people are cleaning up after themselves, it's turned into a no mans land out there. There are regulations guiding OHV use, and random camping, but without good enforcement there are people who leave a mess."

Couillard explains some people don't understand how far reaching leaving a mess in the area can be.

"There's two non-profits that take vulnerable kids down there, and try to reconnect them with nature. It's tough to run those kinds of programs, and have those kinds of experiences when everytime you turn a corner there's a campsite that's been left, littered, with rifle shells all over the ground."

He adds that the Ghost Valley area is shared public space and everyone who uses it should be able to look after it better.

Registration for the clean up ends tonight, so the team can order enough food for everyone.

Anyone interested is more than welcome to show up for a couple of hours, and not participate in the BBQ without registering.

The clean up will begin at Trappers Hill Lodge, bottom of the big hill, Trans Alta road, 8km West of the Bar C and 940. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To register click here.