Students of Glenbow Elementary School have the chance to see and cheer on their teachers today. 

The teachers have organized a parade that will pass in front of the student's homes this afternoon. 

Glenbow teacher Kristy Cote says they just want to let students know that they miss them and they're thinking about them. 

"The whole point of this parade is that we're just missing the students so much and we really wanted to be able to see them and let them know that we care. And I know we've been doing that through the computer through Zoom and through phone calls but it's just nice to see faces."               

Cote says there will be 22 vehicles, split up into groups so they can cover their large catchment area. 

"Going to start at 1:15 and each group will go to their three communities and we've got some cars decorated and horns will be honking and arms will be waving out the window and we'll just continue to drive slowly throughout the community."

Harvey the Hound from the Calgary Flames will be joining staff for the parade as a special guest.