The Advocacy and Innovation in Child Prosthetics (AICP) Foundation's first annual golf tournament is set to launch this Saturday in Cochrane.

AICP is a group of university students from the Cochrane and Calgary area who are using their experience in the fields of engineering and medicine to improve prosthetics for the children who need them.

"Really what we do is try to provide for children who have tried traditional prosthetics and they haven't really been successful," explains Executive Director Brandon Pentz. "Some of the reasons are that it's too heavy for them or it doesn't really do what they want it to do."

"We're trying to provide a solution that is lightweight and something that actually works for them. It's very tailored to do some of the high-priority activities that they want to achieve."

The group is using the latest in 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to create customized prosthetics for children. 

A young woman from Cochrane, Jerlena has been working beside AICP to develop a custom prosthetic for her left hand that was not fully developed.

"We're trying to spread awareness for children like Jerlena with similar needs and have a lot of fun with this tournament."


The tournament takes place on September 3rd, 2022 at the Cochrane Golf Club at 2 p.m. All funds raised will go on to support AICP and its mission of advocacy and innovation in children's prosthetics.

"The ultimate goal is to find more people like Jerlena and try to help locally right now. We're looking for people to help with similar needs."

Registration is still open and anyone interested in participating can go here.