Could it be that criminals are self isolating?  Corporal Troy Savinkoff of the Cochrane RCMP is pleased to report that calls regarding criminal activity seem to be down a bit in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Not that local businesses need another stressor, but some are worried with the downturn in business or in some cases closures that criminal activity around their premises may increase. Savinkoff says as always, RCMP will be on the lookout with patrols. 

Corporal Savinkoff says, "The criminals are still going to be active unfortunately, so officers will be making patrols." Cochrane RCMP's patrolling may even be increased in this altered world. As Savinkoff points out, in this contagious climate it is safer for officers to be out of the office and in their vehicles driving around.

Savinkoff says, "So far, everything has been really good in the town of Cochrane."

Now that is good news.