The Canadian Country music scene is heating up as we get closer to summer with even more new music! Multi-award winning artist Gord Bamford is out with his latest single "Heaven On Dirt" and is getting ready to release even more new music with a new digital album coming out next month. We'll catch up with Gord all about new music, touring, homeschooling the kids, and speaking about kids we'll also chat about his eldest daughter Paisley who is following her dad's footsteps in music. 

Also, on the show this weekend we'll introduce you to Justin Fancy a fantastic artist from Newfoundland. Justin is out with his second single "Makes Me Wanna"  from his 2020 debut album. We'll get to know Justin a little better, see who his influences are in music, and more!

We'll be taking a step back to this weekend in 2020 with a song that was #1 at Canadian Country radio. A little hint for you this artist goes by "3" names.😉

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