The community is invited to a free 'Gospel-ish' concert in the park.

On July 10, the public is invited to bring lunch or snacks to Mitford Park and enjoy an afternoon of music.

Reverend Ray Goodship of St. Andrew's United Church explains the term gospel-ish.

"We will play a few hymns, and a few gospel tunes, but they will also hear some Bruce Cockburn and a couple of songs from maybe The Fray. Just anything that's inspirational and has some deeper meaning."

The St. Andrew's Church is trying to bring community together, and the concert will provide another opportunity.

"It's just a way to get to know each other, have some fun, be together in a nice relaxed family atmosphere."

There will be 5 groups performing from St. Andrew's plus the main act 'Visions Country Gospel' from Red Deer. Rev. Goodship says the parish is filled with many talented musicians, and community members will be treated to a variety of musical performances.

"We will have celtic, country rock, jazz, dixieland, wind instruments just a real variety."

This is the second year St. Andrew's has hosted the concert in the park and Goodship is hoping to double attendance this year.

"We had about 200 last year so we are hoping to hit about 300 or 400 this year."

The casual concert runs from 1-5 pm, and everyone is welcome.