Three of Alberta's 200 meat processing facilities have been forced to reduce operations as a result of COVID-19.

While it is not a food-borne disease, it is having an impact on operations as a number of employees have tested positive for the illness and have to self-quarantine, reducing the facilities' operations.

According to the Province, there have been 946 COVID-19 cases in workers at the Cargill facility and 798 workers (84 percent) have recovered. 

At JBS, 566 workers have confirmed cases and 434 workers (76 percent) have recovered. 

Harmony Beef has 38 confirmed COVID-19 cases in workers and 12 workers (32 percent) have recovered. 

Since the outbreaks were declared, Alberta Health Services has conducted three inspections at Cargill, four at JBS, and two at Harmony Beef.

Occupational Health and Safety joined Alberta Health Services on-site at Cargill for the reopening on Monday and were back on site again Wednesday to further assess the operations.

OHS is investigating the circumstances relating to the potential exposure of workers at Cargill and JBS. More information is available on the Province's website here.