Grade 6 students of Manachaban Middle School got a chance to see what it's like to discuss real local issues in a mock Town Council meeting on December 6.

The French and English students, who have been studying municipal government in their social studies class, gathered at the RancheHouse and took turns debating the issue of what to do with the old pool site once the new aquatic centre opens.

Holly Vandermeer, Grade 6 English teacher, says the students have to come up with the ideas and then back them up with reasons why in their proposal.

"They go out and do the research, and they figure out what they want in there. They do all the background information checks and put together their presentation."

After the ideas are presented the Mayor and Council would vote on which idea the Town should go forward with.

Some of the proposed ideas include building a cultural hub, community centre, laser tag park, or greenhouse.

Julian De Cocq, Town of Cochrane, Chief Administrative Officer, who was teaching the groups in a separate room about the different roles of municpal government, says he was impressed with the students suggestions.

"If you ask kids sometimes, they'll come up with the most ingenious of answers."

De Cocq adds he left the door open for the students to ask questions, find out more information and possibly consider a career in politics.