Any Cochranites looking to hit a hiking trail west of town should steer clear of the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail.

"Due to a grizzly bear and cub in the area, an area closure is in place for the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail." reads a statement from Parks Canada.

Located in Banff near Lake Louise, the popular trail will be closed until at least June 16, 2023.

trail mapMap of the closed are (

"Violators may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act: maximum penalty $25 000."

To avoid a surprise encounter with a bear you are reminded to:

  • make plenty of noise and travel in groups when hiking 
  • always be respectful of all wildlife and be aware of your surroundings look and listen for the signs of bears
  • always keep your pet on a leash 
  • always carry bear spray and that it is easily accessible