Cochranites can now shop for groceries from the comfort of your home, and have them delivered right to your front door.

Save on Foods in Cochrane launched a grocery delivery program on Sunday, March 14, and Store Manager, Ernie Cordonier says they are thrilled to be offering this safe and efficient option to cochranites.

"We're really excited to be able to offer this service in Cochrane, especially with all the things going on in the world," says Cordonier. "It is an opportunity for the Save On Foods group to do what needs to be done for our customers.

The delivery service is a new addition to the online ordering system. Cordonier says that there's also the option for curbside pickup.

"There's two parts to our online shopping experience happening and one of those is to do with the pick-up," says Cordonier. "We will shop the order for you and you're able to pick up the order in the parking lot, there's a special spot for you to park. When you do that it's free of charge. Of course, you have to pay for the groceries but the service is free.”

Cordonier says that the delivery service is being offered throughout the town of Cochrane at a fixed rate, and they are offering an incentive for your first delivery.

"Right now as we kick it off, deliveries happen between 10 and six on a daily basis and that's going to be a $4.95 delivery fee," says  Cordonier. "If you want us to narrow that down to a two-hour window it's $9.95. Of course with your first delivery, when we get you online - It's free!"

Just three days into the service Cordonier says that the response has been very well received by the Cochrane community. He says there's no need to worry about the quality of your produce since the Save On staff will choose your groceries as though they were shopping for their own family.

Save On Foods has been adapting its services throughout the course of the pandemic to meet the need of Cochrane residents. Cordonier says that seniors in the community who would still like to shop in person can take advantage of their golden shopping hour at 7 am.

You can place your online order here.