Gryzko Harper Bouw Chartered Accountants presented Big Hill Haven Women's Shelter with an early Christmas present on Tuesday, December 3. After holding their 11th Annual Poker Tournament on November 2 the firm was able to present Big Hill Haven with and a cheque for $8000. 

A different charity or non-profit organization is chosen every year and when asked why Big Hill Haven was chosen for 2019, Ryan Harper replied, "We all know when they're building for capital improvements or original purchases, that's a hard road, so that makes it really worthy, trying to get all that money together to actually turn that into brick and mortar. They have been very successful so far so it's great news." 

Tara McFadden the newly appointed Fund Development and Public Relations Officer, was on hand to explain what the funds will go towards. "The funds raised today are going to go into all of the work we do so providing ongoing service. Right now, it costs about $100 a night to get a woman into a safe place or hotel so funds like this coming in help us to provide those type of services, to provide outreach workers support, provide advice to women, and to launch the capital campaign which will be the focus of our work in 2020."  

Big Hill Haven is hoping to raise $500,000 in 2020 in order to qualify for provincial grants which will in turn help to build the estimated $1.5 million facility once the land is obtained. The hope is that shovels can be in the ground by 2021.

As every dollar counts, the donation from Gryzko Harper Bouw is gratefully accepted and will be put to very good use.