Airdrie-Cochrane MLA Peter Guthrie has expressed disappointment in the 16 UCP MLAs who signed a letter condemning the rollback to Step One in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

He calls it unproductive and divisive during a time of adversity.

"Turning my back when times get tough, heeling to pressure, signing a letter just to take pressure off myself - to me, that would be a mistake. To me, that shows weakness, not strength," he concludes in his written statement released late this morning.

Guthrie says he, too, feels the same fatigue and frustration from the pandemic but says he must keep the best interest of his constituents' top of mind.

"It has been a century since the last pandemic, and our government continues to navigate unfamiliar territory. My challenge, and that of our government through the ordeal, is to do our best to exercise and maintain sound judgement."

He strongly believes we're close to seeing our way through the pandemic.

"Currently, approximately 15 per cent of the population is vaccinated, and we are finally receiving much-needed supplies that will enable us to inoculate many more Albertans in the coming weeks."

He blames the slow response on the federal government's lax approach to procuring the necessary vaccine supply. Had the Trudeau government acted swiftly, he believes our current situation would be much different.

"People are rightfully frustrated, but creating division during times of adversity is not how one should govern. Driving a wedge through caucus with this letter is not productive, and shakes the confidence of those who are looking to our government for leadership.

The full statement is below.

Letter page 1

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