The Marathon Of Hope is going into its 40th year the Cochrane Terry Fox Run is being held virtually in just 10 days. Cochrane is currently sitting at about 25 percent of its fundraising goal of $18,500

Lindsay Regier, Event Organizer for the Cochrane Terry Fox Run says that in previous years Cochrane has been a powerhouse when it comes to fundraising. “Honestly, Cochrane has always been a really strong supporter of the Terry Fox Run but last year we broke 15 thousand dollars for the first time ever. It was pretty awesome! It was a record for the town and so you know we set our goals pretty lofty this year to go above and beyond that”

“We just want to encourage people to, you know, get out there and support an awesome cause on such a special occasion as well to think that, 40 years ago, there was some of us that weren't even alive back then and to think that 40 years later the story still resonates with people is really a special thing”

Regier says that Terry himself had a great idea when it comes to fundraising. “Certainly we understand that these are different times and there are people that are, you know, struggling financially and whatnot and really Terry’s whole thing when he started this was that even if it was one dollar from every Canadian back then it would be 25 million. His thing was always, you know, no amount is too small”

There is still time to register for Cochrane’s virtual Terry Fox Run that will be held on September 20, 2020.